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This morning a memory popped up on my Facebook page. It was of me running in the New York Marathon last year on Nov. 5th, looking excited because I had found my cheering section made up of my family.  It was a perfect memory to recall this year, the day before the election. I also realized even more so when I saw the image that training for a big event like a marathon, prepared me for running this campaign.

8 years ago I ran in my first long distance race. It was the Chicago Half Marathon and the week before the run, I was panicked thinking I hadn’t trained enough so I made a rookie mistake and ran a 10-mile hill run the weekend before (I hadn’t trained on hills all summer) and injured my knee.  When race day came, I started limping ½ way through and only finished because my brother-in-law wouldn’t let me stop. He stayed with me right up to the end.  Last year before the NY Marathon I had dreams weeks before of missing the start and getting lost- the unconscious mind working out my fears

Which leads me to today.  I am excited and anxious for the election to be over.  It’s been a long year of meeting people, knocking on doors, showing up for events, looking at data and numbers, and having meetings to constantly plan, shape, and form this campaign.  It’s been an amazing experience.  I have met so many wonderful people that I never would have met had I not stepped up to run for public office. I’ve learned so much about my community, the County government structure, and I feel more informed on the issues than ever before. When I vote tomorrow, I will do so in the most informed capacity ever.  I have met everyone on the ballot that I get to cast a vote for.  That is a tremendous accomplishment for me.

I also feel we’ve run an excellent campaign. We raised the amount of money we said we would, we put out close to 300 signs, 12,000 mailers, 2500 postcards to targeted households, and knocked on close to 8000 doors. We held a dozen meet and greets, marched in the Crystal Lake parade and by all accounts over 250 people  participated in my campaign between yard signs, donations, canvassers, and attendees at fundraising events.  I am so proud of everyone who has helped out. I’ve had the most dedicated campaign team of 10 who have  been with me every step of the way- much like my brother-in-law helping me get to the finish line- my team has not left my side and for that I am so grateful.

So the one question left unanswered is, “Was it enough?” We won’t get to know until tomorrow night when the ballots are counted.  I know that is a difficult and vulnerable place to stand, and I am standing in the place of having done good work that I am proud of and having the faith that it’s been enough.  In many ways, the campaign ended when early voting began 2 weeks ago.  There are a few doors still left to knock on, otherwise, it is now in the hands of the voters.  I know we’ve done good work and we’ve been doing it since last year when I announced my candidacy.  Had I not done all of that, I may be feeling more panicky in this moment, but what I am feeling is gratitude and pride.  I have a message that resonates with many people and for that I am so happy and hopeful. Tomorrow will be a long day of waiting and by Wednesday we’ll know. 

So if you are a praying person, pray for me, if you are a spiritual person, send good vibes, and if you are an action person, walk up and down your street and make sure everyone has a plan to vote and a way to get to the polls.  I went for a run this morning.  It felt awesome!  Remember, we’re in this together! 


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I'm running for McHenry County Board - District 2


Waking up

The 2016 Presidential election woke many people up.  Never before in American History has the need for qualified candidates been more apparent.  “As Tip O'Neill said, ’All politics is local’ and that is why I’m running for the McHenry County Board, District 2.”



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Suzanne Ness brings County Government experience, leadership, and a fresh voice to the McHenry County Board. Vote for her on Nov. 6th and add your voice to the call for change and reason in government.


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Check your voter registration card for CBrd2.

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