Nothing great was ever achieved alone.  We did this together.

It’s been a week since the election and I am still feeling the buzz of victory! I am so proud and honored to have been elected, I cannot wait to get started!  I am also happy for my fellow democrats who won their elections. It was an absolute honor to be on the ballot with so many qualified candidates! Before I jump into what’s next, I want to take a minute to thank everyone for all of your efforts on my behalf.  I also know that many of you did this for yourselves as much as for me.  I stepped up to run, but all of you made it possible because we all share the same values of our democracy and the need for good leaders who will lead from those values.  Again, thank you sincerely.  I will never be the same because of all you’ve done.

What's next? 

I will be sworn in on Dec. 3rd at the County Administration Building at 9 am, followed by a meeting.  It would be wonderful if you could be there. Everyone is welcome!

In the next few weeks, I will be appointed to committees, that will help me articulate some of the things I’d like to do while in office. Many of you asked great questions, I will stay in touch getting you answers and to be an on-going source of information to you, this is my promise. Starting in January I will be holding townhalls with constituents and I welcome all of you to attend, regardless of which district you live in.  We’ll have the date for that soon.

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is fitting that Thanksgiving is next week, as I am so grateful for all of you and for the chance to make a difference in this new role.  Thank you again for all of your contributions and your support.  Most importantly thank you for believing in me.  I am honored and I will not forget.  

I wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


This is so true: “Nothing great was ever achieved alone.”  We did this together.




  • Learn about volunteer opportunities 

  • Pick up your very own volunteer kit complete with a T-shirt & buttons 

  • Sign up & get involved!


  • Committee of the District: Attend democratic district event to learn more about issues vital to the community and develop policy for the district as well as meeting other candidates.

  • Community Group: Promote the spirit of community in your district:
    - Schedule to have a coffee for Suzanne Ness
    - Social Networking

  • Campaign Group: Participate in the 2018 electoral campaign for Suzanne Ness:

  • Canvassing

  • Phone-Banking

  • Campaign support

  • Letter Writing

Examples of how you can get involved:

  • Subscribe to newsletter/social network

  • Attend events

  • Vote for Suzanne Ness in D2

  • Tell friends about Suzanne Ness

  • Put a sign in your yard

  • Donate and help raise funds through events

  • and grass root efforts

  • Be a “Watchdog” Attend public forums and help gather information

I've been elected for McHenry County Board - District 2

Waking up

The 2016 Presidential election woke many people up.  Never before in American History has the need for qualified candidates been more apparent.  “As Tip O'Neill said, ’All politics is local’ and that is why I ran for the McHenry County Board, District 2.”

Suzanne Ness brings County Government experience, leadership, and a fresh voice to the McHenry County Board.


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