Photo provided by Daniel Ness

Suzanne grew up in McHenry County and moved back to the area 13 years ago to raise her children and be near family.  Suzanne loves the sense of community that she has experienced in Crystal Lake and the proximity to a large city that has allowed her to launch a successful small business.  While Suzanne has never held an elected position, she has led business groups, a homeowner’s association, and served on boards where she has collaborated with others to get things done for a greater purpose.

Now that her children are older, Suzanne feels compelled to step into public service, believing that self-governance is a responsibility and a privilege- not for individual gain- but for the greater good.  There is too much at stake and we need leaders with vision, humility, and capability, who have the courage to lead and the patience to listen. Suzanne wants to help McHenry County move into the 21st Century- preserving what makes this a great place to live, while also growing our capacity to adapt to the needs of a new age.  One of Suzanne’s guiding principles is “Think global, act local.” She’s ready to roll up her sleeves and get to work for the people in District 2 and all the people in McHenry County.